My name is Arienne and I'm an earth-loving apparel product manager with over 12 years of international experience. Wanting to make a global change, I decided to string together my love for fashion, water-sports and sustainability in the launch of Wathaa!:

Your eco -friendly solution to active swimwear.
Through my many years in the industry, I learned that certain high-end materials can be created by using recycled plastic. Genius, right? So why isn't everyone doing this? Most brands see the high production costs and don't give it another thought.

With society's every increasing wasteful habits, recycling has become more of a necessity than ever. Plastic isn't disappearing, that's a fact - but that doesn't mean we have to add to the problem. We do the work and the worry, and you show off the goods out in the sun with mad respect for the planet. 

We at Wathaa, Believe in Creating New Products to Benefit the Planet First, No Matter What.

Who Made Wathaa
We love people because everyone is unique. We have stories, passions and dreams as everybody else. Find out who made your Wathaa! swimwear.
Our materials are made in Italy and a part of the recycled polyester yarn is made in USA. We are partnering with specialized supplier that have certified the whole process. Therefore, we can guarantee high end fabric performances and an ethical supply chain.

Our stitching factory is in South China and we wanted to prove that also “made in China” can beethical. We choose a factory that has only 300 workers in total and their set up has been certified by BSCI social compliance organization. In fact working hours are within European standards. Employees are provided with housing to enhance proper workinag and life condition. A cantine operates 3 times a day to offer free meals for all workers. The factory follows all the government regulations of safety and environmental norms.

Sylvia Lee

   Sales Department

  Mr Liu

   Cutting Department

Daniele Fabbri

   Print Designer

Miss Chen

   Sewing Department